Taffeta wovenlabel

Taffeta wovenlabel


Taffeta wovenlabel is the designation of the authentic label quality. It actually is the original woven label quality. The signature of taffeta is robust and long lasting. Because of the thickness of the yarn the texture is sturdy and fits for example perfectly with jeans and work wear. Many different ground tissue looks can be achieved in this quality through partly, full or even double woven ground part. New possibilities are shiny rhinestone attachments. Throughout we are in labelling business over more than 45 years, we grew in with all the technical possibilities in woven labels. We gladly advice you about the possibilities and qualities which matches the best with your product.


Why should you go for Taffeta wovenlabel

Because of the robust quality the taffeta label is mostly used as sew on label .For labels used directly on skin it’s better to choose HD quality or needle satin. Taffeta woven labels often finished end folded but obviously we can supply according to your requirements in many different finishes. Finished middle folded the woven label perfectly can be put on the side of bags, furniture and clothes as an side tab. Any size label is possible from 8mm wide up to 400mm wide. The average lead time is 10-14 working days. As an additional service, we make before series production a sample of your personalized label, so that you can assess your woven label on quality and performance.

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